Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marvel Squinkies and they're Darn Cute!

The New Marvel Squinkies are here! I am so delighted!
I'm happy for my son that he now has some squinkies to collect,especially after being bombarded with all the girly squinkies here, and there.

Marvel Squinkies
I think just about all kids around the word is into this new found craze!
just a couple of years ago, it was the silly bandz, I believe kids are still swapping them!

For those of you who aren't familiar with squinkies, they are soft, squishy type figurines. They come in little bubble containers which may either be clear or opaque. There are various figures to collect ranging from kittens, babies, Ponies, cartoon characters. They come in bubble packs.  Each bubble pack contains 16 pieces, so you get great value for the  money you spend!

What does squinkies do? you ask?
Lots of kids collect Squinkies, they can even log onto the Squinkies website and track their collection online!

Squinkies can be worn. Squnkies come in a bracelet and ring form that can be worn. Mulitple squinkies are worn on a breacelet, whereas one squinkie is worn on a ring, at the moment there are three bracelet sets; Birthday Suprize, Fantasy Suprize and Princess Suprize. The bracelet sets also includes a ring!

Squinkies can also be used as pencil toppers.

I tend to think of miniture  toys like these as a great alternative to candy at Halloween!

Squinkies would also make great stocking stuffers at christmas time! And for Easter to be placed in plastic eggs during Easter egg hunts!

These little squishy toys are the hottest things among kids these days, they seemed to have catered more towards girls,
that's why I am especially delighted for the new Marvel Squinkies Collection!
They most inexpensive place to buy squinkies online is with

Buying some today for the good ol' boy!